Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

When it comes to coffee, there is definitely a fork set in the road on what to drink.  Choosing from regular or specialty coffee can offer a tricky dilemma when erring from the norm to the unusual and spectacular.  Here we take a look at why this super coffee is a must have for any coffee connoisseurs and what makes this coffee so moreishly good!

Speciality Coffee

What Is It?

Some find defining specialty coffee extremely difficult task to do as Don Holly wrote in this formidable documentation entitled ' The Coffee Chronicles'.

The term itself stands for the entire process from bean to cup and everything in between!  From how the coffee is roasted to how the coffee is extracted - the entire process envisages the meaning of this special coffee treat.  This type of coffee has become a dedicated work passion and art which allows coffee baristas and others within the industry to perfect unique, highly desirable coffees.  These committed brewers work tirelessly to produce worthwhile and meaningful beverages and hold this in high regard and priority.

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The Coffee Process:

  • From the beginning, coffee is grown around the world, often on countries which are on or around the equator.  With many different species of coffee plants out there, each country and region offers its own to the mix.
  • Coffee plants take 3 to 4 years to produce their ruby red fruits.  Once fully ripened these plants can be harvested.
  • Once the stocks are gathered, a process begins to prevent the beans from becoming diseased or soiled.  These methods include; drying, semi-drying and washing.
  • Once the beans have undergone this step, they are ready to be roasted.  Coffee is roasted at 230–260 degrees celsius. 
  • After the desired roasting shade has been reached, the coffee beans are cooled immediately.
  • Once cooled the coffee can be packaged ready for use.
  • Specialty Coffee which is high grade will last for 30 days - keeping its aroma and freshness locked in.  Lesser value coffees will not last for this length of time.

Why You Should Choose To Buy It?

The journey that coffee travels upon is a much more long one than many may believe.  From a blossoming seed to a boastful, roasted cup of delightful joy.  Coffee goes through many transformations along its way.

Designed and created to invoke memories of places, situations and memories by taste, body and aroma.  These coffees have been produced with strong meanings behind them and have been actively taste tasted to ensure they reach their key objectives.

As with other specialty foods and produce, coffee is set against a grading score.  This grading score determines various factors regarding the coffee beans origin, size, shape and overall condition.  The grades consist of point scores which range up to 100 (100 being the highest quality).  Based on these points a coffee bean which is graded 80 points or greater, the coffee is then classed as a higher quality 'specialty coffee' - these points have been set in place by SCAA.  Often coffees sourced from Colombia, Ethiopia, Brazil and Indonesia produce the highest grade coffee beans and there for produce far more speciality coffees.

Great coffee starts with a renown producer.  Here at Hipster Coffee we work with highly rated, ethical traders and farmers.  We believe that this ensures our coffee beans our cared for, nurtured which allows us to create our fabulous gourmet coffees without issue.

Using the Best Coffee Beans allows us to create our own selection of gourmet coffees which form part of our speciality coffee selection.

Specialty Coffee

Third Wave Coffee?

Many people automatically associate high end coffee with the third wave movement with out actually knowing what it is.  The third wave movement came about with the coining of the phrase from Timothy Castle, who at the time was referring to the quality of a product.

The meaning 'third wave' is associated with that of artisan wine rather than being considered a economic commodity.

Its essential to note however that even though the two phrases can be seen together - they are both very different.  Speciality coffee depicts coffee which has been created from high grade beans where as Third Wave Coffee is a mind set.

Hipster Speciality Coffee

If you are a lover of really good coffee with a difference, then Hipster Coffees range is perfect for you!  Created by our highly professional artisan roasters who have a wealth of experience working to traditional hand roasting methods in order to produce coffee which far surpasses all others!

We believe the second most important part of our coffees production is the hand roasting stage.  We work with the best roasters in the UK who offer high caliber roasted coffee beans to your desired standard.

These coffee roasters are highly trained to know exactly how our coffee is produced, in order to provide our customers with a great coffee buzz!  These hand roast to order specialty coffees are available in a selection of nine different coffee types which includes our fabulous Swiss Water Decaf Coffee which has quickly become one of our best sellers!

 We choose our beans carefully ensuring our high standards in quality are always met.  Using arabica and robusta coffee beans in many of our unique blends allows us to achieve a fantastic array of distinctive coffees.  We believe that our unique coffee blends will have you feeling warm, fulfilled and delighted. 

Easily enjoy great tasting, gourmet standard Hipster Coffee in the comfort of your own home!  Take A Look Now At Our Great Range Available At Hipster Coffee!

best coffee beans

Why Choose Hipster Coffee?

Hipster Coffee offers a fantastic selection of sort after Specialty Coffees which are quickly becoming extremely popular and sought after.... but what makes our speciality coffee so different?.... Lets find out! 


We use and select only the highest quality specialty coffee beans which have all be sourced ethically.  Working with coffee suppliers, traders and farmers world wide. We only work with fair employers who's company mantra is similar to our own, we believe this in turn provides us with the Best Coffee Beans available on the market. 

Following on from our essential fair trade sourcing policy, Hipster Coffee goes one step further in providing all of our 250g, 500g, 1kg and 10kg coffees in eco friendly, 100% bio degradable bags.  Sticking firmly to our company mantra, Hipster Coffee believes that good, gourmet coffee should not have to cost the earth!  Lastly we competitively price all of our coffees to make sure that we are up to date with our competition, yet are able to offer a product which goes above and beyond our customers expectations.  Are specialty coffees are no exception to this!

With our coffee selection starting at only £3.49 which includes UK free standard shipping - you will find it hard to resist trying one!

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