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Buy from our gourmet coffee range and travel the world a coffee at a time!  Hipster Coffee offers a luxurious, full flavored range of coffees, each designed to bring our customers enjoyment and fulfillment.  All of our coffee beans are ethically sourced globally and are traditionally hand roasted each day to order.  We offer an extensive selection of world coffees which include; single origin and specialty blends which are loved by our customers worldwide. 

All of these factors provide Hipster Coffee with an in-tune company ethos that we believe our customers hold highly and is one of the reasons we can offer you sought after, best selling coffee gift set no mater which part of the world you reside in.  Packed in Eco friendly, fully bio degradable coffee bags*, grab a bag of our coffee today and be rest assured that it won't cost the earth.

gourmet coffee


Bought the Swiss water decaf
it's fab ! . Even my die hard caffeine junkie husband loves it . But shush! 
Don't tell him that bit...

Marie Beswick (Facebook Review)

Fabulous coffee, ordered the blue mountain coffee - very impressed.Will buy from again!

Claire Jones AKA Giza Gift (Facebook Review)

Bought a 1kg bag of the Colombian Gourmet Coffee from Hipster Coffee. The taste and body is full and extremely flavorful - arrived very quickly too. Only purchased last week and already scanning the site for another tasty coffee to try! A great find!

Anthony Lennon (Facebook Review)